Project Description

I curated stories in the model of pieces of a puzzle to reflect Iran’s reality in a time that new presidential election happened on Friday 19 of May.

Date & Time

07 may 2017

18:00pm – 21:00pm




More Details

  • Curated by Ali Shirjian

  • Project manager: Myriam Grigalashvili

This exhibition includes Iranian photographers’ stories that reflect Iran as an open portfolio. Contemporary history of Iran is playground of in-depth political-social issues. Hence, this uncertain platform has not made confident destination sociologically and historically. The situation of country is like an open portfolio with thousands of separated pages in the model of historical facts that needs to be reviewed to become a real story.

Iranian photographers are the architects of the visual-historical facts. They remind us that a narrative is narrated and a real story is for whom it is connected to.

This exhibition’s date is close to Iran presidential election on 19 of May 2017 and it tries to offer a real perspective on Iranian issues such as historical facts, identity, modernization, workers, women issues, civilization, and etc.

Photographers name:

  • Hadi Haraji

  • Sasan Moayedi

  • Adel Pazyar

  • Akbar Tavakoli

  • Farshid Tighesaz

  • Farzad Soleimani

  • Mehdi Abbassi

  • Nazli Abbasspour

  • Ali Soltani Tehrani

  • Amir Hossein Kamali

  • Ata Ranjbar

  • Majid Farahani

  • Nina Mokhtarbaf

  • Saeed Razavian / Farzaneh Radmehr

  • Sara Sasani

  • Soodabeh H.Pashang

  • Soheil Zand Azar

  • Soodeh Hajikaram

  • Tahmineh Godazgar