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Alternative Documentary Photography Book

Title: Alternative Documentary Photography

Dedication to: My mother Shamsi Taherian
And Reality Storytellers

The book has two chapters.
The First Chapter is a pedagogy of documentary
The Second Chapter is an interdisciplinary study of documentary photography through the philosophy of modernity.

The First Chapters Table of Contents:

  • Pedagogic Lectures of Documentary Photography

The Second Chapters Table of Contents:

  • Detention in the embryonic stage, the organology of a species without a body
  • Individuality and society, or self and social awareness
  • Individuality and society, discourse and death of social existence
  • Crisis area of referred
  • Game of adhesion and escape
  • Iran society is a documentary society
  • The transformation from social awareness to historical self-awareness
  • Historiography and documentary photography
  • History and Story
  • Modernity and documentary photography
  • Drama and politics
  • Drama and editing
  • Autopsy of two narratives, Abbass Attar and Kaveh Golestan
  • Documentary photography, the confused language within ideological and capitalistic societies

More Details

Published as Free and Interactive eBook for Farsi language readers in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan around the globe, October 2021.

  • Book Cover Designer: Majid Kashani

  • Photo by: Ali A.Shirjian